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  1. :) Today I know more about you ... I did not know you were born in Iraq ...
    I was more in love with you,

    Do you consider yourself shy?

    Yesterday i was thinking thing and Among Those many many thoughts and ideas, you were there i think That so lucky the person who wins your heart ..
    Find a person Especially a man who think like you, is very hard to find are you from Mars or something? Because sometimes I think I'm from another planet haha?
    I have not found a real love something nice.

    I like your personality are simple, shows that have values​​, you're very mature for your age, your family did a good job with you in your parenting :)
    you are the perfect man for me :) but just have a million beautiful women behind you : ( you can clone or something,but I stay with the original I mean with you ; )

    You really have a lot of inner beauty, if I had a blindfold before seeing your face I fall in love for the way you see things and how you speak because abundance of the heart the mouth spoken ... is very nice the message you want to convey to the world .. not a matter of how you look Physically, if not what is your essence, your spiruality, how good can you let another person Regardless of How they look, how much money you have, or if you live in a castle or you pick up trash on the street, everybody are equal and is good to plant a little love of God in the world that is so crazy.
    Love must prevail respect for the other always ...

    I hope have a great day, i love you <3 God bless you everyday :)

    I can teach you Spanish for example

    hola! como estas? = hi, how are you?
    Me encantan tus ojos = i love your eyes
    Eres tan dulce = You are so sweet
    Estoy enamorado de ti = i fall in love witn you
    Ven a conocerme = come meet me
    Te amo mucho = i love you so much
    No puedo quitar mis ojos de ti = I can´t take my eyes off you

    Thanks for everything, and for share this :)

  2. Eres hermoso . Dios creo cosas maravillosas . Saludos desde chile


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